Information for Schools

Young Carers are young people who provide substantial physical and/or emotional care for a family member. Often the role the young person is providing within the home is one that would normally be more appropriate for an adult.

The family member may be affected by one of more of the following:

  •  Physical disability
  •  Long-term illness
  •  Sensory impairment
  •  Mental health problem
  •  Drugs and/or alcohol misuse

Young carers may be faced with the following issues within school:

  •  Young carers can fall behind at school and miss days or even weeks
  •  They may leave school with few or no qualifications
  •  They may experience bullying because they are seen as isolated or different
  •  They may find it difficult to have a normal social life, or be isolated from peers
  •  They may be afraid of talking to professionals about the family’s problems, ashamed of their situation, protective of their parents, or worried about splitting the family up
  •  They may feel angry, upset, hurt, worried, anxious or uncertain, leading to emotional problems and stress
  •  They may suffer physical problems such as back injuries from heavy lifting, or tiredness and lack of sleep
  •  They may experience traumatic life changes such as bereavement, family break up, lost income or the illness and addiction of their loved one
  •  They are more likely to experience poverty or social exclusion

The Young Carers team works closely with a number of schools in East Sussex providing individual support to young carers within the schools; PSHE classes, assemblies and support for Teachers and Teaching Assistants in identifying and supporting young carers.

We can also provide copies of our recent animated DVD (The Care Factor) made by a group of young carers from across East Sussex that highlights some of the issues they face, including the difficulties of being a young carer whilst being at school.