Vision and Values

Our Vision

“Care for the Carers aims to improve the quality of carers lives by helping the local community recognise and value the role of carers, and by enabling carers to access the services and support they require”

We Believe:

  •  That carers should be recognised and valued for the important role they carry out
  •  That carers have a choice including the choice not to act in a caring role
  •  That carers have the right to a good quality of life and a life outside of/beyond caring
  •  That the pressures carers are under should be acknowledged and addressed
  •  That carers should be empowered and involved to influence decisions that affect their lives
  •  That carers should be able to access services appropriate to their needs without facing discrimination or prejudice

In carrying out its role, Care for the Carers will follow principles of good governance, management, service provision and employment.