Strategic Plan

Organisational Strategy

All of the services provided by Care for the Carers are detailed in comprehensive documents which explain what we do, why and how we do it and what we want to do in the future.

We have brought the key points of each of these documents together in this Strategic Plan with the aims of:

  •  Informing annual priorities for the organisation.
  •  Ensuring that we maintain a focus on the developments we wish to pursue.
  •  Sharing our work with partners, funders and carers.
  •  Discussing and refining our plans and reflecting the views of carers.
  •  Raising awareness of carers in East Sussex and the role of Care for the Carers.
  •  Ensuring that we offer consistently high quality services.
  •  Identifying and addressing unmet needs.

This document will continue to develop in response to the views and needs of carers, and National and Local policy.

Contact us for a copy of our Strategic Plan or download a copy here: Strategic Plan (.PDF)