About East Sussex Carers

Icon - InformationMore than 80% of carers say caring has damaged their health and more than 50% of older carers have their own long-term illness or disability.

Only one in ten of those who live with the person they care for are in receipt of home care and half subsidise the costs of caring.

One third of carers have never had a break since they began caring.

Three out of four carers are worse off as a result of caring and older carers are one of the poorest groups in the UK.

Carers make up 1 in 7 of the workforce, but more than half give up work to care. If carers cannot work, in 20 years’ time the economy will need an extra 2 million workers.

Over two thirds of carers look after older people and 95% of disabled children are cared for at home by a parent.

On average, carers retire 8 years early, missing out on years of income and pensions contributions.

There are 175,000 young carers in the UK, 13,000 of whom care for over 50 hours a week

28% of young carers have problems in secondary school.

Further information: 
Carers and Services for Carers in East Sussex
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