Website Links Policy

Please read our policy before submitting your link to Care for the Carers.

We receive many requests for reciprocal links but unfortunately we are unable to help in the majority of cases. All link inclusions are at the discretion of Care for the Carers.

Our policy is to keep the number of links to a minimum to prevent ‘information overload’ for carers and visitors to our site.

Local Links – We have listed a small selection of major organisations or services in East Sussex viewed as a priority contact by Care for the Carers to help carers locate the best information or signpost them to the right place.

UK Links – Our services cover the East Sussex region only, but we have established links with other national organisations such as the Carers Trust or Carers UK, both of which offer additional information to carers about news / policies / strategies that effect all carers in the United Kingdom

Commercial Organisations
Our policy is that we do not link to commercial organisations such as respite care homes, nursing homes, hospices etc. Although these services may be of help to carers we cannot advertise or actively endorse them on our website.

Please note this policy is for guidance only and all link inclusions are at the discretion of Care for the Carers.

Please email us if you would like to have a link to your website considered for inclusion on our website