Care for the Carers has already been discussing future forum themes with carers across the county.  Rachel Hesterbanks, Involvement Officer with Care for the Carers, has been visiting carers groups discussing what happened at the spring forums and asking carers what they would like to be discussed at the next forums in October 2015.

The following themes have been suggested and discussed by carers and a final decision will be made before the end of the summer;


  • What is it and what does it involve?
  • Why is it important to carers and the people they care for?
  • Who should I talk to about my Safeguarding concerns?

Taboo Subjects: We don’t talk about that

This will explore all the subjects that we as carers (and the cared for), aren’t comfortable discussing but really should such as;

  • Intimacy – how intimacy can be affected by a caring role
    • How to support the person I care for with their intimacy needs
  • Sexuality – Exploring the many aspects of sexuality in a safe space
    • Maintaining a sexual relationship with my partner when I’m their carer
    • Disability and sexuality
    • Learning Disability and sexuality – how to help my (adult) child explore their
    • Sexuality safely.
  • Mental Capacity – What does it mean?
    • Why is it sometimes necessary?
    • What is the process?
  • Power of Attorney – What does it mean?
    • Why is it important?
  • What is the process?
  • End of Life – Will writing – have you got yours?
    • What are your wishes and have you discussed them?
    • Important decisions about your health and care that need to be made now

The Care Act

  • Revisiting the Care Act since its introduction in April 2015.
  • Has it delivered on its promises?
  • Has it had an impact on carers in East Sussex? If so, what has that impact been?
  • The Care Cap 2016: (part of the Care Act) what does it mean to carers?


It is possible that an update on The Care Act could be included alongside either of the above

Care for the Carers would welcome any suggestions, comments or feedback you would have in regards to these suggested forum themes, or any suggestions for topics you may have.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Partnerships Team at Care for the Carers via

Tel 01323 738390