Japanese Delegates Enjoy Britain’s Best Breakfast

On Friday 14th October we hosted a fundraising breakfast at our offices in Eastbourne. Many thanks to Sainsbury’s Old Town who donated a selection of pastries and refreshments for the event and we also had a visit from some Japanese delegates!

We opened our doors and invited members of the public to drop in for a pastry and a cuppa in return for a donation. It wp_20161014_09_19_05_prowas lovely to see everyone who came to support us and we raised £136, our thanks to everyone who donated and made our breakfast such a success.

The event caught the eye of staff at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), who are involved in the Community Core Leaders Development Program hosted by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. The program is organised around the sending of Japanese youths taking leading roles in social activities for older people, persons with disabilities and youth to foreign countries that have innovative models in solving the problems of the respective field, whilwp_20161014_12_16_24_proe inviting youths of the same country who are involved in the above mentioned areas of work to Japan.

The Core Leaders visiting the UK are involved in social actives for older people, and took the opportunity of the fundraising breakfast to find out more on the work Care for the Carers do in supporting older carers. The delegates enjoyed a pastry before embarking on a tour of the Care for the Carers offices and meeting with our CEO Jennifer Twist.

We were delighted to host the Core Leaders and it was a great opportunity to find out more about carers in Japan and the different and similar challenges they face to those in the UK. We hope to continue our international link and learn more about caring in Japan.