REPORT: Spring Carers’ Forums 2015

The report on the recent Spring Carers’ Forums is now available to read online.

The panel of speakers at the Heathfield Forum

The panel of speakers at the Heathfield Forum

 The theme was “East Sussex Better Together: What does it mean for Carers?”

The forums are a great place for carers to meet and chat with other carers, exchange experiences and what can sometimes be critical information, as well as being an opportunity for carers to make their views known and hear more about important issues.  Carers say that for some, it is one of the few opportunities they get to express their concerns and be listened to.  For Care for the Carers, it offers the opportunity to engage with new carers and raise greater awareness of carers and the support available, across the County.

For the Spring 2015 forums, it was agreed that local carers needed to be more aware of the changes to the services in health and social care, as a result of the East Sussex Better Together programme.

‘East Sussex ‘Better Together’ is a framework for how we deliver health and social care services with the existing financial envelope. This is not just about saving money, it is delivering a system of sustainable care that will keep people healthier and address their health and social care needs.’

–Hugo Luck – Head of Corporate Services for High Weald Lewes Havens Clinical Commissioning Group

One of the most positive features of these forums is that the core messages that are coming from carers and service users, are actually already being looked at as part of the East Sussex Better Together programme.

Feedback from the Forums and Carers Voices Groups is fed into and receives responses from the East Sussex County Council (ESCC) Carers Partnership Board and the related sub groups (Respite, Information, Advice & Training, Health & Wellbeing and Working Carers) where service commissioners are best placed to respond and act.

East Sussex Better Together Programme engagement opportunities will continue to take place, and Patient Participation Groups (which are attached to each GP surgery) are a great way for carers to ensure they continue to influence the services they receive.

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